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Regeneration values a healthy earth and a healthy human spirit. We use sustainably harvested natural rubber processed without toxic phthalates.


We want our products to be in the best place - in use! Play a more active role in reducing waste and save money, by owning hand-checked quality products through our new  REHOME programme

Actively designing products for a greener future.

"We want to be inspiring people to live an active lifestyle and follow their dreams".

"Currently about 95% of the materials we use are recycled or organic with no single use plastics attached  to our supply chain or packaging.

We are in the process now of formally evaluating our sustainability initiative and taking the steps to become a carbon neutral business by 2025, which is a big investment but something we are really excited about."

- Founder, Rhys Smith

Orenda Cork Yoga Mat Beach Yoga Regeneration Yoga
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Cork naturally has the X factor with a wide range of incredible benefits, holding warmth and superior traction underfoot in every climate. Giving you that practice-perfect feeling all year round. Plus it looks pretty cool as well.


We package all of our products in recycled paper and cardboard. We have worked hard to ensure 0% single use plastics are attached to our supply chain, and we only work with manufacturers who share our vision.


A yoga mat that self cleans? Yes please! Bacteria and odour causing microbes that fall onto your yoga mat in everyday life cannot survive on cork. Practising on a more hygienic mat is better for your skin and better for your mat's longevity.

Orenda Cork Yoga Mat


This original design took us over 2 years in research and design to align the sustainability with our cork farmers and manufactures. When it comes to your everyday sustainable yoga mat, the Orenda cork yoga mat completely raises the bar. Orenda translates to Nature’s Power, and that’s exactly the feeling we wanted to connect with when stepping onto this mat. Designed with premium course grain cork from Portugal and complemented with a durable natural rubber base that sticks firmly to the floor. Its safe to say this mat will have you falling in love with yoga all over again

Alignment Cork Yoga Mat


A yoga mat isn’t the most important thing in your practice… you are! But it’s cool to know this Alignment Cork Yoga Mat is harvested entirely by hand from living trees! This mat features an alignment guideline to help you focus and adjust your body to a more symmetrical position. The cork top layer is anti-microbial and provides firm grip, keeping your practice grounded, reducing the risk of injury on the mat. Wider and longer than standard, it has a natural rubber base layer that provides the perfect amount of cushioning and traction to the floor. This Alignment cork yoga mat is made using only premium sustainable resources and superior craftsmanship, minimising its environmental impact, for peace of mind and a practice-perfect feeling that will last you longer.

Airlite Cork Yoga Mat


Yoga mats are not just great for yoga. The Airlite mat was designed for jet-setters and go-getters, who sometimes just need their own soft comfortable space - whether you're travelling, out in the wild, or heading to your local yoga studio. If you're on the move then this mat is made for you. We've rounded out the corners even further from our original design, and added an extra thick 6mm lightweight TPE base to support a slightly thicker cork top layer - designed to give you that ultimate soft feeling to melt into when you're going nowhere fast.

Once the TPE base has gone through its break-in period, you'll find it's one of the most versatile mats you will ever own. This is mat is perfect for restorative yoga practices and meditation.

Alignment Cork Yoga Mat Regeneration Yoga
Alignment Cork Yoga Mat Regeneration Yoga
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