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We created Regeneration from our love of the outdoors and passion for yoga. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, our cork yoga mats are sustainable and eco-friendly. Perfect for all yogis, they provide your everyday practice with high-quality comfort.

Better for you. Better for the environment!

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The Alignment Cork Yoga Mat Will Have You Firmly Sticking Through The Sweatiest Practices.


Performance Cork Yoga Mat

Designed For Superior Comfort

Better Practice. Better Planet.

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 The cork is harvested by hand-stripping the bark every 9 years, which naturally regrows. During this regrowth, Cork Trees absorb up to 5x more CO2 from the atmosphere, while remaining entirely unharmed, making it an ideal renewable resource. Cork is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

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Cork has anti-microbial properties that help to repel and kill bacteria, mould and mildew. This makes cork yoga mats naturally resistant to odours and incredibly easy to keep hygienically clean. Cork is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, looking after your skin as well as your overall health.

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Ultra Grip factor (Suberin)

 Cork Contains a waxy substance called Suberin that forms the outer layer of the cork cells, protecting it against heat and moisture which is naturally what creates the amazing grip we love, as well as having strong elasticity, anti-abrasion and cushioning properties. Allowing you to stick through the sweatiest times! An eco-friendly yoga practice with the ultimate grip and enhanced comfort underfoot. 

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