“I’ve been using this mat for just over a month and I absolutely love it. It has such a nice feel and look to it: all the details have been thought out really carefully and I love the rounded corners. It is heavy enough to be fully supportive, yet thin enough to roll up compactly. I used to practise on a Manduka Pro but always found it too bulky to carry around – this mat provides the same support but is much easier to carry. I’m also very impressed with the grip – it is great to have a mat that has enough grip but without the stickiness that often comes with it. I practise ashtanga so having a surface material that is smooth means it is much easier to practise jump-throughs without needing a rug on top, and the material doesn’t feel cold when you roll out your mat either. I was sceptical about the alignment line at first because I thought I would find it distracting but actually it is subtle enough to help keep you aligned without distracting and I can’t imagine practising without the line now! And of course it makes it a lot more satisfying to know that the brand is ethical and sustainable.”

Louise Watson

“Absolutely love this mat! It’s now my go-to for every single practice. It’s cushioned so it’s excellent for extra support under knees and joints and it’s a great size so I can totally spread out while practicing. The actual material is soft so I can transition through postures easily, but steady so my hands don’t slip all over the place, which is really important to me as I can get really sweaty throughout my practice. Also love the alignment line, I always use it, it’s great to have a quick glance down to make you’re in the right spot. The design is sleek but understated. Would 10/10 recommend & have had so many compliments about it 🙂 thanks so much for making a mat that ticks all of my boxes!”

Fay Goodman

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