Our journey has taken us to some of the most beautiful places imaginable around the globe, and allowed us to build life long friendships with incredible people along the way.


Regeneration Yoga was conceived in the spirit of these beautiful places and people, which has now grown into a community of environmentalists working together to help bring you durable and sustainable eco-friendly products for your everyday yoga practice.


Yoga is trending, and for good reason! But its ever growing popularity has also attracted the attention of large companies, who mass produce poor quality synthetic equipment made from harmful chemical compounds, to quickly capitalise on this rising demand, with very little thought towards the environmental impact. 


This propagates the consumer cycle, as this equipment quickly wears out and more new equipment is needed, but the old worn out equipment isn’t recyclable or biodegradable, so it just ends up in landfill. The obvious fact here is that nothing we throw out ever truly goes away. And so, our global crisis of plastic pollution worsens causing damage to eco-systems, while the yoga industry gets partly laid with the blame. We are positive that’s not what you set out to do when you took up yoga and we have a solution… 


Our decisions for Regeneration Yoga are based on our strong sense of responsibility towards the environment. We are constantly exploring new ways of improving and reducing our carbon footprint, of harvesting ecologically sustainable materials and developing processes that have the smallest possible impact on the planet, while still delivering exceptional durability, performance and quality in all our products. Guaranteed.


We believe in making a real change, it’s our responsibility to give something back to nature.


Our aim is to connect people from all backgrounds who share a common interest in yoga and sustainability, as we continue to enlighten one another with what is possible in our respective practices.

Better for You. Better for the Planet.


Regeneration cork yoga mat https://regenerationyoga.co/

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