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Regeneration Logo https://regenerationyoga.co/
Regeneration Logo https://regenerationyoga.co/


We specialise in taking yoga equipment a step further by ethically sourcing materials and minimising any possible environmental footprint. We aim to inspire a natural connection to your practice, as we continue to share our love of yoga. Better practice both on and off the mat leads to better living. Our innovative and sustainable materials are derived from nature, then it is up to us to craft them into stylish yoga products that will last you longer.

Our professional design team is dedicated to creating products with sustainability in mind, that perform to the highest standard. Then our vigorous testing starts to ensure our equipment lasts you longer. We capture what’s trending in style and forward-thinking design, continuously researching and testing materials – to take your practice to the next level. We package and check every product by hand, so it reaches your door ready to roll out.
Every Regeneration Yoga product starts with sustainability at its core, so we can keep our beautiful green earth pristine for future generations of yogis long into the future. We are consciously pushing towards a carbon-neutral future, prioritising nature when it comes to all our business decisions.


  We are so inspired by the people we surround ourselves with and the transformative healing power of yoga. Regeneration Yoga products and accessories are made authentic to a yoga lifestyle — we have a paperless office, powered by only renewable energy, online yoga teachers and ambassadors support our daily yoga practice, we routinely hold meetings outside and basically just sustainably living it in every way we can. We aim to genuinely connect with every process, cutting out wasteful middlemen, and regenerating with you on all levels of practice. If you have any feedback let us know via our Contact Us page!