About Us

Evolving with movement and creation.

We want to make yoga simple. Better for you, Better for the planet.

Our commitment is to keep flowing with innovative ideas, raising the bar of what’s possible for sustainability, and using only natural and regenerative materials.

We haven’t figured it all out, but we continue to learn every day. With every decision we make, we will always choose the most responsible path.

Yoga is for every body and we consciously create products with this in mind – Longer, Broader, Softer, More Supportive, lasting you longer.

Connect with nature’s energy and allow it to transform your wellbeing.



Incredible mat! I have been using this mat for just over a month and so far I am extremely impressed, both with the mat and also the ethos behind Regeneration Yoga. The cork is really soft and grippy, with just the right amount of cushioning. The design is simple and sleek and I find it useful having the alignment line to make sure that I am practising safely. My mat was delivered quickly in non plastic packaging which is another bonus. Thanks so much!

– Poppy


Incredible to use! I’ve used cork mats before but this is by far the best! It’s great quality and heavier than others I’ve tried so it stays in place and doesn’t roll up at the edges. It has a soft feel under your hands and feet, really a joy to use. I often get sore wrists when I practice on a standard mat, but this one has the perfect amount of support/spongeyness which eases pressure on my wrists. Crow pose never felt so comfy!

– Alice

Absolutely love this mat!
I’ve been using this mat for just over a month and I absolutely love it. It has such a nice feel and look to it: all the details have been thought out really carefully and I love the rounded corners. It is heavy enough to be fully supportive, yet thin enough to roll up compactly. I used to practise on a Manduka Pro but always found it too bulky to carry around – this mat provides the same support but is much easier to carry. I’m also very impressed with the grip – it is great to have a mat that has enough grip but without the stickiness that often comes with it. I practise ashtanga so having a surface material that is smooth means it is much easier to practise jump-throughs without needing a rug on top, and the material doesn’t feel cold when you roll out your mat either. I was sceptical about the alignment line at first because I thought I would find it distracting but actually it is subtle enough to help keep you aligned without distracting and I can’t imagine practising without the line now! And of course it makes it a lot more satisfying to know that the brand is ethical and sustainable.

– Louise