Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher: my experience Becoming a yoga teacher is part of a path, is part of a journey. Approaching the practice, the body itself makes us understand and communicate the closeness to a certain horizon of meaning. If this desire is also replaced by the desire to transmit the accumulated experience, here we start on the path of teaching. Theoretically, those who feel the vocation should discover their own lineage, the tradition to which they feel they belong. A…

How To Keep Your Body And Mind Healthy At Home

Especially now, when we have to stay at home for longer periods of time, we may wonder if our lifestyle needs some sort of adaptation to this unusual time. Does it require extra adjustments, or should we rather loosen up a bit since we are less active? Are there any other, normally overlooked ways to stay healthy that are more applicable indoors? In this article we hope to dispel all your doubts and give you a full, wholesome picture of how to take care of your wellbeing at home.

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