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At the moment, life feels unusual. To begin with, we have to stay at home for longer periods of time. Next, we’re not able to rely on our usual support system as much and outdoor activities are restricted. If you’re anything like us, you may wonder if your lifestyle needs some sort of shake-up during this strange time. Does it require extra adjustments, or should we go with the flow a bit more and give ourselves a break? Is there anything we can bring into our daily routine to regenerate and stay healthy indoors? Here we hope to calm your worries and give you a clearer picture of how to take care of your wellbeing at home.


Who said we should only keep our bodies active at home? Our minds demand the same dose of stimulation to stay healthy no matter where we are. Read enriching books and texts and broaden your knowledge. Also feel free to immerse yourself in any field you find interesting – now is the time to learn that new language, read the book you got for Christmas or find a passion for crafting. Therefore you’ll open yourself to new perspectives, improve your thinking process and develop a new outlook.


While keeping yourself busy and active during the day, the night seems to be the perfect time to take care of your proper sleep habits and hygiene. Remember that sleeping in comfortable conditions and maintaining the right amount of sleep regularly contributes to how you feel every day. Therefore, make sure your bedroom is cool, dark and comfy. Think about a regular wake up time and bed time, even if you’re working from home. Limit technology in the hour leading up to sleep. Drag out those bath salts and lavender eye pillow. When we sleep, important regeneration processes are taking place both in our mind and body – don’t deprive yourself of these.


You can never emphasise enough how crucial a wholesome, balanced diet is in maintaining good health. Likewise, being at home more can be the perfect opportunity to take time to prepare healthy meals from scratch. Enrich your diet with new tastes and nutritious foods, to strengthen and regenerate your body and mind. Also don’t forget to drink enough water! 2 litres a day is a good aim.


Within your diet, there are plenty of natural ways to boost your immunity. For instance, spice up your foods with garlic, turmeric, chilli and ginger, choose different coloured foods for an anti-oxidant boost, and fill your menu with vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients. Furthermore, try incorporate some probiotic supplements into your eating for a boost – healthy bacteria and a healthy gut will only help maintain the benefits for longer. For more information, maybe it’s time to have a chat with a nutritionist?


It is always important to keep peace of mind – it finds its reflections in practically all aspects of our lives. Not only do we feel better when we are anxiety-free, but it also reduces the risk of developing some inflammatory diseases like hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and so on. Find a way to unwind which works for you – from meditation to journaling to yoga sessions. Usually at home you have more time and space to try out new ideas and find what works for you.


In addition to our wellbeing, proper hygiene and simply keeping yourself clean contributes to a happy life. Furthermore, hand-hygiene is extremely important! Use a daily or even twice daily shower as a moment of calm. When staying at home, don’t ease up on your skincare routine – wash your face twice a day, exfoliate weekly and moisturise as usual. Regularly invest in extra steps to provide additional comfort in harsher and drier indoor conditions like hydrating and soothing face mists – whatever you like and is helpful to you.


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