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Airlite Cork Yoga Mat

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Set your practice free with the Airlite Cork Yoga Mat. This lightweight design weighs only 1.2kg, making it super versatile and perfect for travelling across town to the studio, or finding a beautiful spot outdoors. Our premium cork provides a non-slip and antimicrobial surface that is easy to care for and keep clean. Paired with a luxuriously soft 6mm foam base, giving the added comfort and support for your joints.

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  • Premium Amadia Portuguese cork
  • Non-slip every day, from dry to excessive perspiration
  • Anti-microbial, naturally eliminating bacteria
  • Does not absorb moisture, quick dry
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Vegan


  • 6mm thick
  • Eco-friendly TPE rubber
  • No PVC, BPA, Latex or rubber smells
  • Rubber is ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • Lightweight and portable yet grounding
  • Biodegradable
  • 100% Vegan


Density: Soft | 6mm

Weight: 1.2kg

Mat Dimensions: 183cm x 65cm x 6mm

Shipping Package Dimensions: 65cm x 16cm x 16cm


Quality Guarantee

We only use the highest, most durable grade of Portuguese cork for our yoga mats. Our customers rely on us to produce a sustainable and long-lasting natural product for their yoga practice. Please note that it’s normal to see tiny gaps in the cork surface or tiny bubbles in the TPE rubber base.

This yoga mat is made out renewable and sustainable resources. No PVC, latex or plasticisers.


If you would like even more traction, lightly spray the mat down with water where your hands and feet go before you practice.

Our high quality cork is abrasion resistant and durable, with a springy cushioned feeling to support and protect your joints.

Cork also contains Suberin, a waxy substance, which has incredible antimicrobial and anti-odour properties, killing germs and bacteria, making this mat incredibly easy to keep hygienically clean.

Natural rubber reduces your mat’s manufacturing carbon footprint by up to 80% compared to some types of conventional synthetic rubber.



The cork is harvested by hand-stripping the bark every 9 years, which naturally regrows. During this regrowth, Cork Trees absorb up to 5x more CO2 from the atmosphere, while remaining entirely unharmed, making it an ideal renewable resource. Cork is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable.



Cork has anti-microbial properties that help to repel and kill bacteria, mould and mildew. This makes cork yoga mats naturally resistant to odours and incredibly easy to keep hygienically clean. Cork is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, looking after your skin as well as your overall health.



Cork Contains a waxy substance called Suberin that forms the outer layer of the cork cells, protecting it against heat and moisture which is naturally what creates the amazing grip we love, as well as having strong elasticity, anti-abrasion and cushioning properties. Allowing you to stick through the sweatiest times! An eco-friendly yoga practice with the ultimate grip and enhanced comfort underfoot.

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Weight1.2 kg

1 review for Airlite Cork Yoga Mat

  1. Kay

    I’ve been using cork mats for a while, I love how easy this one is to take to classes or even when I go away for the weekend. It’s super soft for my yin yoga and knees have never been more comfortable. Would definitely recommend

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