Pressure Point Ball (Cork)

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Use the ball to apply gradual pressure on knotted muscles to stretch and improve circulation. Made of 100% Premium-grade Cork.


This pressure point ball ball is light, compact, convenient, eco-friendly and portable! It’s perfect for rolling out sore and achy muscles, stimulating fitness recovery, reducing stiffness, and improving mobility.

Made from 100% premium-grade  hardened cork, the ball is water-resistant and highly durable. The non-slip cork surface feels smooth and grippy, even when your skin is damp. Don’t worry about slipping. Enjoy the accessibility of a massage anywhere, the ideal travel companion.

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1 review for Pressure Point Ball (Cork)

  1. Claire

    I’d never used one of these until I got my cork one but I absolutely love it. It’s great for pressure points and myo-fascial release. I love it for my feet – it’s amazing how much your flexibility improves when you relieve tension in your feet!

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