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There’s something unavoidable in travelling, in that you start to learn a lot about yourself, other places, different cultures, and the people that you surround yourself with. It can be a great time of impatience and stress, but by learning a little bit about the necessity of acceptance whilst you travel, you’ll be better equipped to experience the best of everything that it has to offer you.


When using any kind of public transport in new countries, you’ll soon come to learn just how frequently trains can be delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Be prepared next time and remember to be equipped with something to read for those hours spent awaiting a bus, or book your seat well in advance to avoid the disappointment of having to wait until the following day to continue your trip.

Cultural shock

We all visit different countries with an idea of what it’s going to be like, but the truth is that you might not expect or like what you see when you arrive there. Be open minded about your next destination and familiarise yourself with the cultural norms – know that people aren’t necessarily being rude, they’ve just grown up in a different culture.


Travelling with somebody will have you seeing sides of them that you never knew existed, or the parts that you like least about them will be even more present. You’ll have to learn how to plan together and be accepting of your travel partner wanting to do different things to you – it will be a relationship based on give and take more than ever before!

You will also make new friends, and potentially never see them again. Or you may make lifelong friends with a person whose path you may never have crossed otherwise.


When travelling, things won’t always go to plan – severe weather warnings could prevent you from visiting the place you were most excited about. Or maybe the friend that you’re travelling with has decided to head home whilst you want to continue the trip. Be open to change, and know that this is often when the most exciting opportunities will present themselves!


You will have to be minimal in your packing, not adopt every stray animal that you encounter on the way, and say goodbye to people on a daily basis. This can be one of the hardest parts of travelling, but imagine how your life would have been without these experiences and take them for what they are.


Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings – whether on a beach in Thailand or the bustling streets of Delhi, you may never get this experience again, so soak up every minute and enjoy yourself. A new culture can also help to put your own life and problems into perspective, reminding you to appreciate what you have.

Take time out

Dedicate a few minutes every day to pranayama, meditation or yoga – I guarantee that you will start each day with a fresh perspective and ready to live everything that the world has to offer you if you take just 10 minutes to relax, focus and remember why you are travelling in the first place.

Travel makes you rich in the broadest sense. Of course you’ll return home with no money, but what you can gain from your time away is immeasurable. Learn to trust the world as well as yourself, and make the most of every opportunity that you can whilst travelling.

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